Beginner's Ballet

An introduction to the vocabulary and positions of classical ballet. Students will learn barre work, center work, and combinations across the floor. As well as work on strength, flexibility, and coordination.

Intermediate Ballet

Designed for students with previous training. This class involves intensive training in ballet and working on proper technique. Further working on strength, flexibility, and coordination.

Beginner's Modern/Jazz

An introduction to the necessary skills and terminology of the combination of modern / jazz movement. With a focus on control, center, breathing, balance, strength, body isolation, syncopated rhythms, and musicality. Elements of floor work and combinations are also taught.

Intermediate Modern / Jazz

Designed for experienced dancers. This class is meant for refining and articulating modern/jazz dance principals nvolving a focus on isolation, movement combinations, center exercises, elements of floor work, and combinations.

Tap Dance

Introduces students to basic tap dance techniques focusing on rhythm and musicality. An Intermediate/Advanced classes will be offered as a workshop series.

Swing Dance

Students will learn the history of swing dance, isolation movements, rhythm, and style. Couples are encouraged to enroll in this class.

Liturgical Dance

This interpretive dance is a form of an expression of worship. It incorporates ballet movements that students would've learned in Beginner’s Ballet. Students will be given homework along with a practical exam.

Flags / Banners

Students will learn various movements with flags that include coordination with both hands and arm movement. They will also learn the spiritual meaning behind the movements. Homework will be given along with a practical exam. Intermediate/Advanced classes are offered, on workshop series basis.


Students will learn hand and arm isolations, coordination, movements, along with their spiritual meaning, and the combination of moves along with colors.


Students will learn the history of the tambourine, rhythm, and syncopated beats along with dance combinations. They will also learn to use the tambourine using ballet and modern/jazz movements. Students will become familiar with the spiritual meaning behind the moves along with the different tambourine combinations. Homework wil be given along with a practical exam. Intermediate/Advanced classes are offered, on workshop series basis.
*Must have mastered beginners skills first.*

Theater Dance

Consist of using props, hats, fans, and chairs or anything else that the dancer will use on stage to execute his/her performance. Styles of dance will include ballet, modern/jazz/, tap, and liturgical dance.
*Class must be taken with drama*


Students will learn and apply Stanislovsky techniques.

Musical Theater

Students will learn how to act, dance and sing on stage.
*Must be registered in Drama, and one or two dance classes.*

Voice for the Actor

Students will learn how to keep a strong voice required for performance. They will also learn how to identify and correct specific breath and vocal habits. Through the use of scene work and monologues, the students will become aware of the importance that relaxation, breathing, resonance, and articulation, have in bringing more profound strength and personal meaning to their performance.

Play Writing- Introductory Level

Students will learn the art of writing plays. By learning how to develop and research characters, scenes, and understanding background information that's needed for the audience and for the text.

Production- Inroductory Level

This class will only be conducted during rehearsals and the length and duration of a performance. This class is solely hands on experience. This is the technical aspect of theater.

Nutrition Program

This program is to show students how to eat in order to enhance their training.

Aerobics Class

This class is designed for the person who wants to increase their metabolic rate (which increases your metabolism to burn calories), weight loss and cardio work out.

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