Dance Theater/Company Auditions

A Time to Dance Productions, Inc. is looking for faithful, talented, gifted and individuals to audition for the dance and theater company. We are a ministry and we are looking for people to have a heart to minister. We are looking for people that can do all types of dance such as Hip Hop, Tap, Modern/Jazz, Liturgical, Ballet, African, etc.

We are also looking for talented actors and actresses. This is a ministry that will be traveling throughout the United States and eventually abroad, so you must have a heart to minister. You must be over 18 years old. If you don't have dance training we are willing to train but you must be teachable.

We encourage people to apply that want to dance and act professionally.

Theater Auditions

Written Requirements

Resume and photo: Bring to the audition a typed resume that includes your previous theatre experience and training. Include any dance or music background, in addition to roles performed. Bring a photo with a good likeness.

Performance Requirements

  • Performance: Prepare two contrasting monologues from plays, not to exceed a combined total of four minutes. These selections may be from comedies or dramas of any period, although more modern works are preferred. They should not be from unpublished work. The pieces should be prepared and memorized. Try to incorporate some physical movement in at least one of the selections. The plays of Shakespeare or verse texts are not encouraged.
  • Workshops: Particpate in improvisation/movement and voice workshops.
  • Improvisation: The interviewer may choose some, but not all, of the following tasks, and may ask that some of these tasks be rendered with specific guidelines or conditions. Listen to the instructions and try to fulfill them as you:
    • Discuss briefly the plays and characters of your audition pieces.
    • Tell a joke.
    • Perform a simple physical task without words.
    • Re-do one of your audition pieces with a different set of goals and conditions.
    • Ask the interviewer some questions relating to the Theatre program.
  • Interview: Be prepared for a short conversation with the interviewer. This might include a discussion of your previous theatre work and your goals. It is important to be relaxed, honest, direct and yourself.

Audition Tips

  • Arrive early and be on time for your scheduled audition.
  • Warm up physically and vocally before the audition. Be relaxed and focused as much as possible.
  • Wear neat clothing that you feel shows you to an honest advantage. Avoid constrictive or excessively stylish clothing.
  • Choose material that you feel comfortable with and is appropriate to your age and experience. Avoid excessively stylized pieces, dialects, extreme physicality and props.
  • Remember that the audition should demonstrate both your talent and your potential.
  • Be simple, direct and honest. Avoid lengthy explanations or apologies.
  • Try to do anything the director asks of you, within reason. If you are unsure about anything, ask. We'd rather have you feel better about the process in any way that's possible!
  • Don't be afraid to make a mistake; holding back is usually a greater mistake.
  • Be courteous to others; refrain from extraneous talking or actions during the audition time.
  • Do not leave the audition area until dismissed or checked out with the stage manager first.
  • Most important, be yourself. Don't put on an act. After all, what is an audition but a bizarre kind of job interview. The director wants to see the person behind the acting mask as well as the mask itself.
  • Remember that the interviewer wants you to be successful!

Dance Auditions

A Time to Dance Ministries season is set to announce auditions in the near future for dancers and actors. The auditions will be held by Swazette Whitten, the Board of Directors, and guests.

A Time to Dance Ministries is a non-profit and fundraisers provide a part of the operating budget for the ministry. Parents and students are expected to participate in at least three fundraisers during the year.

Entry to the School is by application and audition. There is a one-time, non-refundable application fee of $20.00. This fee covers the cost of processing the application and is not refundable if an audition offer is not made.

We're looking for:

  • Male and female dancers, age 18 years or older. Must have previous dance experience
  • Must have sense of style and dependable transportation
  • Ability to commit to weekly rehearsals.

Be sure to

  • Please bring headshot and resume.
  • Dress in Dance Attire, no baggy clothes or denim.
  • Hair out of the face and no jewelry.
  • Bring dance shoes or character shoes.
  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to dance audition to sign in and warm up
  • Be prepared to learn a group piece.
  • Be prepared to come in with a 3 min audition piece.


Production positions are open in stage management, dramaturgy, carpentry, costume construction, wardrobe, lights, makeup, props, running crews for more information call A Time to Dance Productions at 1-888-391-5758 or email, Please put in subject line: Technical Position.

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