Introduction to the vocabulary and positions of classical ballet. Students will learn barre work, center work, and combinations across the floor.

Modern Dance

Introduction to the basic skills and terminology of modern dance. The student will focus on control, center, breathing, balance, strength, body isolations, syncopated rhythms and musicality. The student will also learn elements of floor work, and combinations.

Tap Dance

Introduction to the basic techniques of tap. Students will learn terminology of tap. Students will learn rhythm, style and combinations.


Introduction to sound, movement and rhythm of the tambourine. Students will learn feet positions along with hand positions on the dance floor. Students will also learn syncopation, and isolation movements, along with learning combinations of different tambourine movements. Students will learn timing with music.

Flags / Banners

Introduction to flags/banners and what it means. Children will learn the colors and movements of the flags. Students will learn coordination and timing with music along with different flag combinations.

Hip Hop

Based on street dance and video/commercial dance.


Students will learn the basic techniques in acting and learn voice strengthening. Will learn inpromptu style and will learn a monologue.

Musical Theater

Students will learn how to act and sing together along with movement across the stage.
*Must be registered in Drama take this class.*

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