Whether you are a beginner or experienced dancer, the right learning environment is critical to your development.
We help by creating the best learning environment for you. Giving you focused attention, the right guidance, and proper instruction.

We understand no student is the same. Our solution is getting to know you and focusing on developing your skills.

Our teachers care about your growth and development, it's what's most important to us. Our staff consists of experienced dancers that have performed around the world and in numerous productions. They are masters in various styles and have a passion for teaching. At A Time To Dance, we help you highlight your strengths and improve in other areas to reach your full potential.

We welcome all skill levels. No matter where you are in your journey we're here to lend a hand. Whether it's your first time joining a dance school or looking for a new one, we'll help you make the transition as smooth as possible.

We want to make sure you get the most out of our dance program. In doing so we pair you with the teacher based upon the classes(s) you choose in your application. Once approved our staff will meet with you to discuss the goals you have and what you want to accomplish. Together we will make a decision on which teacher will be most beneficial to your development.

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